Spring is almost here. That means allergy season is upon us. Not long from now, you will find people itching their noses profusely or sneezing every minute. As the temperature rises, days become warmer, and pollen, dust, and mold will increase. Even though the weather is beautiful, allergy sufferers cannot enjoy it to the fullest. They always have to worry about pollen and dust acting up their allergies. Allergies are not pretty. Also, avoiding going outside will not work if your house isn’t clean. At home, allergies occur due to dust, mold, termites, etc.

But you don’t have to be so powerless. You can deep-clean your house to ensure no allergens are there. While taking precautions like wearing a mask outside can reduce allergy attacks, This blog talks about keeping your house free of allergens. Try these tips to achieve a clean, dust-free, and termite-free house.

Keep the Allergens Outside the Main Gate.

Pollen particles can cling to the shoes. Leaving shoes outside can help avoid bringing outdoor allergens inside when you enter your house. Put a shoe rack out or have a spot outside where people can keep their shoes. Allow people to go barefoot inside. They can wear slippers inside, which are ideal for the home. Also, place a doormat outside so everyone can clean their shoes before putting them away. Make sure you vacuum the area often to keep it clean.

Deep Clean Your Kitchen.

Kitchens are easily affected by mold. Kitchens have lots of moisture and food, making mold (indoor allergen) easier to live in. Mold spores in the air trigger allergic reactions. But when these mosses attach themselves to wet surfaces, they grow. Thus, it can get worse. Therefore, not only should you deep-clean the kitchen once a week. But also follow these cleaning practices. They are:

  • Removing the buildup from refrigerators

 Fridges are prone to mold buildup. Thus, it can promote mold growth. To ensure it doesn’t happen:

  1. Wipe away excess moisture daily.
  2. Throw away any expired food immediately, as it leads to mold too.
  3. Replace the rubber seals near the door.

Empty and clean the dripping pan. It is the breeding ground for mold.

  • Keep dishes clean 

Never let dirty dishes stay in the sink for a long time. It will accumulate food debris and mold. When you buy household cleaning products, do buy sponges. Change them weekly, as it will keep dishes clean. Also, check under the sink and the pipe to keep them clean.

Clean Countertops And Cabinets

Countertops and cabinets accumulate dust. These are allergens too, and you need to keep them out. Spray cleaning soap on them and wipe them clean. Use eco-friendly sprays, especially in the kitchen. Otherwise, your food will have chemicals that are not good for your health.

Replace Old Mattresses

Your old mattresses can have over 10 million dust mites. People suffering from allergies can get sick from them pretty easily. Therefore, if your mattress is over 7 years old, it’s time to change it. It will help your allergies. Also, your back and neck support will be better.

Keep The Windows Closed.

After a long winter, people are happy when summer comes. But wait a little longer before you open your windows. After a long winter, allergy season is at its peak. Opening the windows will bring more dust and pollen inside the house. They will make themselves at home in your house, making your allergies serious. Therefore, opening the blinds and letting sunlight in is better. For fresh air, wait a few more days.

No Pets In The Bedroom

 It sounds cruel not to snuggle with your pets. But people with severe allergies shouldn’t bring pets in their bedrooms. They catch pollen quickly and can transfer it to you. Then, when you sleep with them, you breathe the pollen. It can lead to severe issues.

Clean Toys Weekly

Toys get dirty and attract pollen. Kids lick and touch the same toys. So, clean the toys using a salt, vinegar, and water solution every week. It is eco-friendly.

You cannot control the weather and allergy season. But you can control your home. Use these ideas to keep allergens out and have an allergy-free season