Wicker Furniture – Buying outdoor furniture for your terrace that will last can be tricky. However, you might have experienced sitting comfortably on a wicker chair and might be interested in it.

The word “wicker” generally refers to a weaving style that was commonly found inside the tombs of Egypt. They are made of plants, grasses, and vines and may be called “rattan” by some homeowners. However, the two are different and are technically different. See more about rattan on this page here..

Wicker chairs are not exclusively made from plants and other organics. In fact, some are woven with man-made materials, and they can be more durable as plant stands, chairs, tables, and shelves. Traditional choices can be made up of reed, rattan, and bamboo, and they were created by craftspeople who were experts at what they do.

Are There Any Advantages? Wicker Furniture

Lightweight Options

One of the reasons why so many people love wicker is because they are easily moved from one place to another. This is one of their primary selling points, and they provide a unique look on your patio even with minimal effort. When there are heavy rains, you can easily transfer them inside, and this is a style in which only a couple of family members are required to move everything around.


Hesitations are common with this type because many think that they are flimsy or frail. However, this is not true, because the weaving process that consists of several pieces of rattan plants will create a very strong tie, and the final product can withstand the weight of many homeowners. Lighter does not mean that you’ll have to sacrifice quality. Modular and modern designs from Watsons, coupled with the right techniques and high-quality materials are going to make a lot of difference.

No Need for Professional Cleaning Wicker Furniture

Another benefit that you can expect with wicker furniture is their need for low-maintenance. Cleaning can be a hassle, and no one has the time to remove rust from metal and other materials that may deteriorate over time without proper maintenance.
Wicker will generally require less, but it’s still a good idea to do some brushing and vacuuming once in a while to remove dried leaves, dust, and debris from the material. Wiping with a microfiber cloth can be good enough to loosen up some dirt that may get stuck on the frames.
After washing the surface with water and detergent, dry it up in filtered sunlight or a shady area outside. Prevent discoloration by not exposing it too much to direct ultraviolet rays.

Any Disadvantages? Wicker Furniture

Know that wicker materials are not the most comfortable out there so they generally need cushions. This is okay because the bare types are pleasing to the eye but when you sit on them, it can hurt your backside after a while. Fortunately, you can get a luxury and premium mattress that you can use outside.
Also, poor-quality furniture tends to have an unraveling material that can fall apart with a simple scratch. While spotting this is not always so simple, avoiding this in the first place can be possible by paying a lot of attention to any inconsistencies throughout the piece. The best ones have rust-proof legs, high-quality frames, and excellent symmetry that’s way different than the mass-produced ones.

Tips when Buying.

Tips when Buying.

Measure the Space where You Want to Put the Chairs

Smaller spaces may not be ideal since most wicker seats are big. There are sectional types and armchairs that are great for wider areas. Determine the size that will reasonably fit on your outdoor patio, and watch out for modular ones that you can easily move around when you’ve seen inspiration in magazines or online sites.

Selecting the Right Theme and Sustainable Options

Beige colors may usually be the most common color out there. However, you can get the black ones as standalone pieces or go with something that you can easily color-coordinate with your yard. Black stacks, driftwood, espresso, golden honey, and coffee brown themes are available with vinyl strapping and basketweave features, so you might want to look out for them.
Also, it’s best to know the source and only buy from manufacturers that prioritize sustainability. Safer work environments, fair compensation, and good wages are often behind those ethically-made wicker chairs. For some companies, showrooms in the communities were a collaborative effort of many customers to create the designs that they want to achieve, and this is what you should prioritize in the long run.

Price Points

Purchase the pieces that will have a long life so you know that you’ve made a good deal. Stand-alones are more cost-effective than stackable ones, but you can also get the rattan types for rocking chairs. Prices can range from $299 to $1059, but you can always get discounts or 6-month financing options with the right platforms.