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What Is Personal Property?

Personal Property: They will include said machinery, vessels, instruments, or implements not attached to the building or the ground to indicate permanence. They are attached to the property that does not suffer breakage and deterioration of the object when separated from it.

Different kinds of goods must be identify and known according to their characteristics, categories, and nature. This article will help you when carrying out a business or contract since you will be able to differentiate them and understand the powers you have over them

What Are Tangible Personal Property?

Movable tangible property: Tangible things that can be transported from one place to another, either by moving themselves or by an external force. Tradable goods: All those goods that are likely to be marketed or sold.

These properties are cheap and due to the difficulty that arises when selling them, the owners are open to negotiating, so they are profitable. It is about making an investment in a reform with designs that follow the trend and then reselling it at a higher price than what we have paid and invested.

Meanwhile, one of the most attractive features of working as a buyers agent is that every day is different. Agents meet new people, see new places, and respond to the changing needs of buyers and sellers, which often means switching gears at the last minute.

The Classification Of Tangible Assets

Here Are Two Main Categories Which Are:

Real estate: They cannot be transport from one place to another and are permanently attach to the land, such as buildings, your house, an office, etc.

Movable property: persons that can be stimulate from one place to another without altering their nature. Example: A television, stereo, desk, etc., which I can change locations without this existence modified or their functions limited.

These two categories have other subdivisions or classifications that you need to know, each with its characteristics.

Classification Of Personal Property:

  • The object to which it applies is the guaranteed rights, for example, the pledge.
  • Strictly speaking: they need an external force to move from one place to another, either through a person or by their nature, such as the sound equipment you will take on a jam.
  • By anticipation: they are those that are pending, that are born immovable, but that with time or some situation become furniture, for example, the apples of a tree which are attached to the ground, but when the time comes to harvest, the apples are distributed. And you can move them from one place to another.
  • Semovientes: One that has moved by itself. Example: your dog.

This classification is essential personal property because you learn to classify and understand the characteristics of each of the movable and immovable properties that make up your assets. Thus know which ones are viable for transfer if it is possible to sell them individually or not. If you plan to carry out some business such as a sale, you have some doubts.

Classification Of Real Estate:

  • We cannot move them, or they are cause by a natural phenomenon such as a lake.
  • Incorporation: those movable assets that, when incorporated into real estate, are consider as part of it, for example, bricks and tiles that form a house.
  • Because of their agricultural and industrial use: as they fall within this universal category, they are consider real estate, even when they lose mobility.
  • Permanent destination: They are permanently constitute to a unit just like the entrance door of your apartment.

Movable goods can be easily move from one place to another, but that we do not usually carry with us when we move. Movable property must maintain its complete integrity and that of the property in which they are located. For example, we are talking about furniture in a place, vehicles, decoration, electronic devices, products for sale, etc.

Real estate is those possessions anchor to the ground, which is why they are also called real estate. They are inseparably link to the land, so we include plots, houses, or industrial buildings in this group. Thus, they differ from the previous ones in that we cannot separate them from the land without causing damage to said assets.

Characteristics Of Movable And Immovable Property :


Movable And Immovable Property

  • Movable property can be stimulate from one place to another, like a ring.
  • Real estate or real estate. They are irremediably link to the ground, that is, to the specific place where they are create. A house, a building, a farm, and an industrial warehouse, are examples of this.
  • Movable property. Decorative objects, artifacts, jewelry, paper money, books, and furniture, are examples of this. They can be stimulate from one place to alternative without resulting in an attack against the honesty of the property. That of the property where these transportable objects are located.

Property Registration

While the most movable property is subject to a more accessible and more informal exchange. Most real estate responds to a particular property registry, which grants the same from preparing a formal legal document.


They maintain their integrity and the place where they are place. We could talk about furniture, cars and other vehicles, decorative and art objects, electronic devices, etc.

These properties are cheap and due to the difficulty that arises when selling them. The owners are open to negotiating, so they are profitable. It is about making an investment in a reform with designs that follow the trend and then reselling it at a higher price than what we have paid and invested.

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