Best Makeup Brushes

When selecting any makeup style, we must consider the list we offer throughout this text of the best makeup brushes.

These products are essential when incorporating them into the beauty routine.

What are the best makeup brushes according to their characteristics?

Haircut: There are several other finishes within the haircut brushes in each face area.

Flat cut: used to place powder and foundation on the face. They can be compact and fluid.

Rounded Cut: This brush is ideal for applying paint with precision. They are used for powders of all kinds.

In point: they collect less product than the previous ones. They are perfect for placing the contours and concealers.

Bevelled cut: this brush has a diagonal cut that adapts to each face. It is used to make up flat areas.

Hair length:

  • It is another alternative to identify the brushes—for example, short ones.
  • Dense hair “grab” more product than long-haired brushes. These are used to blur.

Brush size:

  • Large brushes are used most of the time for large face areas.
  • Simultaneously, the small-sized brushes are for the mouth, the contour of the nose, and the eyes.
  • Medium brushes are used to apply to an intermediate area.

What are the 8 essential brushes you need in your toiletry bag?

Kabuki: There are different types, but they have in common ahead with a lot of hair, which works in powder and fluid products.

Contour Brush: This brush is ideal for shaping the face. It can be used with powder and fluid products. The head is pointing and round. It is essential that when selecting yours, you take into account the contour you use.

The brushes are medium for concealer, with a flat and compact tip. They are using to place the correct creams and fluids.

Face Powder Brush: This brush is necessary to seal the foundation. In this way, glare is avoiding. Also, it is using to apply powder paints. The head size is round, large and with long hair.

Blush Brush: The recommended size of this brush is medium and large. The hair is soft and long, which allows the powder to disperse. It is using to illuminate the face.

Blending Eye Brushes: Used to achieve a perfect finish on the eyes. The head is long and smooth. Ideal for applying products to the eye socket.

Bevelled for eyes: two types are short hair characterizing by being firm and having a marked angular cut. Those with long hair are differentiating by being flexible and soft with rounded edges.

For lips: to place the lipstick with precision, it is advisable to do it with a brush. It has a small round tip with a flat and flexible head. They are very similar to eyeliner brushes, but they are not the same. Pay attention!

Toothbrush: It is very similar to a toothbrush. Soft bristles help achieve an airbrush-like finish that visually looks very natural on the skin.