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Beneficial Foods for our Body – Examples and More

Beneficial Foods for our Body – Examples and More

The essential unprocessed beneficial foods of the Mediterranean diet predominate fruits, vegetables, tubers, legumes, nuts, fish, white meat, and certain types of cereals. There are many beneficial foods for our health. With a bit of imagination, we can change the already hackneyed expression “going on a diet” for another more adequate: follow a healthy diet.

Many factors influence an excellent diet. The most important thing is what kind of food we eat, but there are others that, even being in the background, can intensely condition us: where we shop, what we put in the cart, how we plan the weekly menu, how to cook, where we eat

Healthy Foods

Here are some healthy foods as examples*. Find out what healthy foods are so named, thanks to the nutritional properties, and what you could easily add to your diet


This fish contains significant amounts of Omega 3 and vitamins. Its intake can help reduce cholesterol levels as well as the risk of arrhythmia


One of the qualities of this vegetable is that it has a large amount of water and is a source of essential minerals and vitamins that their contribution to diuretic power has characterized.


Milk is a rich source of calcium. Their frequent consumption of low-fat versions consider essential to help form.


The egg is a brilliant protein source of protein 9 and provides essential vitamins that can help generate energy.


Almonds are another example of healthy food that we can integrate into our daily diet. They are a source of protein, dietary fiber, magnesium, and phosphorus.

A portion of healthy food is good or beneficial for health, or that provides it. The body works based on vitamins, minerals, and multiple substances and nutrients supplied by food. But they are not only necessary to carry out daily activities, but a correct food selection and planning can prevent numerous diseases and conditions that, in many cases, occur precisely due to the intake of unhealthy foods and bad habits, such as smoke or consuming alcohol.

It is essential to know that exclusive diets should not carry, since most of the existing foods and products are necessary to maintain good health. It is required to maintain a stable weight and avoid obesity while consuming carbohydrate-rich foods, which should make up 50 percent of an average person’s diet. Prioritizing the intake of foods included in this list of healthy foods should not imply the exclusion of other products that are also necessary for the body to carry out its functions.

How Does A Good Diet Affect Our Body?

Numerous studies indicate the strong relationship between nutrition and health. It has shown that an unhealthy diet can cause, among other things, overweight and obesity, something that, in turn, increases the risk of suffering from different types of diseases, such as hypertension, cholesterol, or diabetes, but also other discomforts such as constipation in diets poor in fiber or skin and hair problems due to inadequate hydration.

The good news is that a change in habits towards healthy eating also positively affects health. For example, we will have better digestion, the immune system will be more muscular, and even enjoy a better state of mind. The conclusion is that a healthy diet, in addition to making it easier for our body to function normally. Also reduces the risk of suffering from the diseases described above in the short and long term.

Recommendations on Food

  • Consume many fruits and vegetables, the famous five daily servings.
  • Consume fish, mainly blue, and meats with less fat, such as chicken.
  • Maintain a fixed schedule for the main meals.
  • Do not eat quickly and chew food slowly.
  • Eat in a relaxed and calm atmosphere and with people with whom we feel comfortable
  • Review habits the first thing is to review our daily practices to be aware of our relationship with food.
  • Avoid ultra-processed foods and ensure that fresh products predominate. Start with this advice from the moment you make the purchase.

What Foods Are Beneficial For Our Body?

As we have already indicated, the idea is to eat a diet with vegetables and legumes, fruit, fish, white meat, pasta, rice, nuts, and olive oil.

The Mediterranean diet also considers seasonal products, traditional ways of cooking, and other essential factors such as the people with whom meals and moments are shared.

Fruits and Vegetables

Watermelon and tomatoes in summer; tangerines and squash in the fall; oranges and also cabbage in winter; strawberries and asparagus in spring


Chickpeas contain fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. They also help maintain heart health by reducing the amount of cholesterol in the blood.


Pistachios are rich in healthy fats, vegetable proteins, and fiber, favor heart care, protect eyesight, and are suitable, for example, in cases of anemia.


Sardines are oily fish that stands out for their high-quality proteins that help reduce cholesterol.


Specialists believe that the Mediterranean diet is the basis for a healthy diet. Also agree that it is not necessary to follow any miracle diet but to eat consciously and eat healthy and varied.

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