Do you love wine? Well, if you are on this page, of course, you do. However, being here also implies that you are a foodie too. Or maybe you are hosting a wine tasting and want to know the best food to put out. It is common knowledge that some foods pair better with a particular wine than others. This is because the food has dominant flavors: bitter, salty, sour, spicy, umami, and sweet. These dominant flavors change the perception of wine in your mouth. Therefore, you need to know which flavor will go with which type of wine. For instance, pairing sweet wines with spicy foods is the best option. Similarly, to enjoy the flavor of red wines, you need to pair them with bitter foods.

Knowing this chemistry can help you host a successful wine tasting. In general, too, it can help when you want to enjoy wine with a snack. Or when you serve food with wine when entertaining guests. Without further ado, let’s see what wine goes with what food.

Pinot noir with earthy flavors

 Pinot noir, a black grape wine originating from France, has earthy and savory flavors. But it can also come in berry-laden and fruity flavors. One of the famous wines pairs well with earthy dishes. For instance, herb-crusted lamb or mushroom beef stew. The next time you invite someone over for dinner and grill salmon or tuna, pair it with pinot noir. The combination will blow everyone away.

Chardonnay With Seafood

 Chardonnays are silky whites, and these Australian wines are quite known for their taste. Chardonnays from Chile or California are popular too. And they go perfectly well with multiple seafood dishes with a rich sauce. For instance, try pairing the silky wine with miso-glazed sea bass. It even goes with shrimp. The acidity of the wine works well with the buttery white sauce that most sea foods have. Thus, they work quite well together.

Champagne With Salty Foods

 If you love drinking champagne, try pairing it with salty foods. It will be like an explosion of tea in your mouth. Champagne or Spanish Cava both have a bit of fruity sweetness to them. Thus, oily or fried dishes, like potato chips, deep-fried shrimp, or fritters, work so well with champagne.

Chianti With Acidic Food

 Chianti, the famous wine from Tuscany, goes well with highly acidic foods. Consider foods high in tomato sauce, as this is how the locals drink. If you are inviting someone for lunch and plan to pour chianti, go with steak, portobello burgers, or red sauce pasta. The acidity in the wine and food options complements the flavors too much.

Dry Rosé With Cheese Dishes

 When it comes to cheese, the confusion is high. It’s because a few types of cheese pair well with white wine. Other types complement red wine almost perfectly. So, unless you are a cheese expert, it will be confusing to you. Pair a deep, dry rose with cheese to ensure it doesn’t happen. Most cheese types go well with this. The dry rose has both acidity and a fruity texture. Thus, it works with grilled fish, grilled cheese sandwiches, a cheese platter, and more.

Syrah (Red Wine) For Spicy Dishes

Syrah, or Shiraz, is a type of red wine with spicy notes. They work well with meat or dishes seasoned heavily with herbs and spices. A syrah from France, Greece, or Washington pairs perfectly well with heavily seasoned meat or dishes. Here is a list of the best Syrah wines to try in 2023.

Rose Champagne For All Dinners

 Rose wines, like champagne, pink sparkling wine, and Prosecco rise, are perfect for all types of dinners. They are acidic with a rich, deep flavor. Thus, they work well with lamb chops, beet risotto, and more.

Malbec With Meat

 Malbec produced in Argentina goes well with meat. Pair it with all meat types in the main course, starter, or snack for your next wine tasting or party.

Bring the right food out the next time you drink wine, host a wine tasting, or have friends over. It enhances the flavor of the wine and keeps your body from reacting to an improper mix. So with that, enjoy your deep rose with a slice of cheese.