Virtual backgrounds became mainstream in 2020, when around one in six people around the world were able to work from home. Three years later, more people than ever before are familiar with virtual office backgrounds, which means that basic backgrounds are less likely to make an impression. You can step up your camera background in 2023 by learning how to customize Zoom 9backgrounds or virtual office backgrounds for other platforms such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Skype.

Premium Branded Virtual Backgrounds

Free virtual backgrounds offer a good introduction to the possibilities of virtual offices, but these designs show watermarks in addition to corporate logos. Take the first step towards improving your virtual background by upgrading to a premium package of virtual office backgrounds. Premium office backgrounds do not include watermarks.

The best Teams virtual backgrounds keep the focus on the user and display a custom logo. Users can choose from a wide variety of virtual office designs. Companies may provide a high-resolution business logo and specify which virtual office backgrounds remote employees should use on work calls. For the best looking background, factor in the colors of a logo and the outfit you plan to wear during a video call or conference.

Change Your Office Every Day

One of the main advantages of upgrading to premium virtual office backgrounds is the ability to change your office everyday. You can experiment with 24 office designs until you find the best Google Meet background. Whether you choose to cycle through your favorite virtual backgrounds or try different backgrounds for conferences and calls, premium office backgrounds are the best way to step up your background game.

Virtual office backgrounds feature distinctive color palettes, decor and views. With a large number of background designs to choose from, your on-camera surroundings are less likely to get boring for you or other video conference participants. Change your office every day, every week or select different backgrounds based on the audience or purpose of a call or conference.

Virtual Backgrounds for Most Platforms

You can use free or premium virtual office backgrounds on the leading video conferencing platforms. Virtual backgrounds are compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet and other software. There are also ways for users with low system requirements to use virtual backgrounds.

In addition to virtual office backgrounds, you can also try Zoom Immersive View scenes. This display mode combines camera feeds from up to 25 participants in the same virtual space. Premium virtual office backgrounds for individual users or scenes for multiple participants are among the best ways to level up video call and conference backgrounds.

Custom virtual backgrounds can be an appealing way to represent the culture of a company online. Premium virtual office backgrounds let users choose from an assortment of color schemes and decor styles, do not display watermarks and make it easy to add a corporate logo. Step up your presentation on Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom or other services and make an impression with custom virtual office backgrounds.