Unknown property is ownerless property refers to tangible, physical things that can be reduced to being owned by an individual but are not owned by anyone. ( Latin for “unowned property”) is a legal concept associated with ownerless property? Existing in various jurisdictions, with consistently variable application

Natural persons may acquire ownership of goods by themselves or through their legal representatives, as the case may be, following the applicable provisions. In the case of legal objects such as the State, the federal entities, the municipalities, religious associations, commercial companies, banks, and charitable institutions, they may acquire ownership of those assets essential for their purpose and follow the laws that result. Applicable.

What Is The Right To Property?

The Unknown property right is the right that a person has to enjoy and dispose of their assets. Such as their house, land, automobile, animals, and jewelry, without more limitations than those established by law.

Who Can Be Owners?

The owner of a thing is the person who has the right to enjoy and dispose of a thing without affecting other people’s rights and within limits established by law.

What is Public Property?

unknown property

Public property refers to the right that the Mexican State (Federation, States, Municipalities) has over public domain assets such as the natural resources of the continental shelf, the submarine bases of the islands, minerals, solid mineral fuels, and oil. The space is located on the national territory, the waters of the territorial seas, the subsoil waters, the forts, barracks, and storage warehouses, among The use or exploitation of the assets, referred to in the fourth.

Private Individuals

Private individuals may carry out the fifth paragraph of article 27 of the Political Constitution. or by companies constituted following Mexican law through concessions granted by the Federal Executive following the applicable laws. In the case of broadcasting and telecommunications, the accommodations will be present by the Federal Institute of Telecommunications.

No concessions are granite in the case of oil and solid, liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons in the subsoil. To obtain income for the State that contributes to the Nation’s long-term development, it will carry out the exploration and extraction of oil and hydrocarbons through assignments to productive State companies or through contracts with them or with individuals under the terms of the Regulatory Law and those that are applicable. others

What is Social Property?

Social Property comprises various agrarian groups and, in turn, by two regimes, Property Communal Property, which are different from private property.

The Political Constitution of the United Mexican States in section VII recognizes the legal personality of the ejido and communal population centers. It protects Unknown property on the land, both for human settlement and for productive activities. In addition, the law protects the integrity of the lands of indigenous groups. The rule concerning the will of the may adopt the conditions that best suit them to use their productive resources. The Agrarian Law regulates this type of property.


What Are The Ways To Acquire The Property?

  • The property acquires for onerous or free of charge.
  • The property is acquire in a demanding manner purchaser pays a consideration for the property or a specific price and in money, for example, a purchase agreement.
  • Property is acquire free of charge when the acquirer obtains the property without paying a consideration, such as donation or inheritance.
  • The property can also be acquire when the purchaser finds a lost, abandoned, or vacant thing without anyone claiming it. And after the purchaser has followed the procedure for obtaining said property provided by law.
  • Another way of acquiring property is by positive prescription or usucapion, which occurs over time. Peacefully and following the provisions establish by law.

In addition, the property of the goods is acquired through accession. The owner has the right to all the fruits that the goods s property produces. For example, the fruits, the offspring, the rental of movable property

What Are Things Likely To Be Appropriate?

All things that are not omit from trade can be appropriate.

Things are exclude from trade by their nature or by law. The things that the law declares irreducible to Unknown property. For example, public domain assets, are out of commerce by provision of the law. Something that cannot be exclusively appropriate by an individual, for example, sunlight, is out of the trade by nature.

Ownership of goods entitles everything they produce, join, or incorporate naturally or artificially.

Can Public Or Private Charities Acquire Goods?

Yes, public or private charitable institutions whose purpose is to help the needy, scientific research, and the dissemination of teaching. The reciprocal help of associates or any other lawful object may only acquire. The essential goods for their purpose following the provisions of the applicable laws.


Regarding the property, civil actions, In addition, criminal law also protects private property. For this, sanctions are provided for those who commit property crimes. These civil actions and criminal types are dealt with in other sections of this portal.