There are so many amazing and unique restaurants around the world that it would be a pity not to experience them if you have the opportunity. So, the next time you travel, do a bit of research before you go to find out if there are any unusual restaurants at your destination. Here are a few of the most famous, and unique restaurants around the world for you to visit on your next trip.

Bistro Nobel, Stockholm

In this restaurant, you can sit on chairs that have been signed by a Nobel laureate. Find this cute eatery in Stockholm’s Nobel Prize Museum. At the annual Nobel Prize event in 2001, a tradition was started where the Nobel laureates signed the underside of their chairs. It is also common for those receiving the prize to visit the restaurant when they come to Stockholm to attend the Nobel prize ceremony. If you’re a fan of a particular Nobel winner you can ask the restaurant staff who have a list of which Nobel laureates have signed which chair. While you’re here try the Nobel ice cream.

Books for Cooks, London

You probably remember the bookstore from the film Notting Hill. Well, this is a bookstore in the same neighborhood. The only difference is that here you will get more than a book. Books for Cooks is home to a small test kitchen where they try out the recipes from the books they sell (the store sells only cookery books). The owner’s wife, Rosie prepares lunch every day from one of the many cookbooks on their shelves. You can indulge in a delicious meal here that includes a starter, main dish, and dessert but you probably won’t know what’s on the menu because the cook doesn’t know either – until the same day! Don’t expect luxury as the store/restaurant uses lawn furniture and folding tables, but the food makes up for the unconventional surroundings. Food is served Tuesdays to Fridays at noon and is served until it runs out.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Rangali Island, Maldives

This well-known restaurant has been featured on numerous lists of unique restaurants. It is located in an exclusive resort hotel and seats only 14 customers at a time. The restaurant is more than 16 feet below sea level, and the walls are completely made of glass. Enjoy watching the incredible sea world around you as you have your meal.

The Cave Restaurants , Bali, Indonesia

As the name suggests this strange eatery is within a cave. Customers descend a spiral staircase into a 25,000-year-old cave where the stalactites and cave walls live lit up like stars. The resident chef creates an equally unusual 7-course menu for the 22 customers that can be seated in the cave at any one time. In between courses, images are projected onto the cave walls.

Restaurants Biatuwi, Manaus, Brazil

This is perhaps the only restaurant in the world that serves authentic indigenous food from the Amazon. In Manaus, considered the capital of the Amazon, you can dine in a restaurant that serves only local, traditional food made by the people of the Amazon rainforest. The restaurant has minimalistic décor, that is given the authentic Amazonian touch through the occasional pieces of décor such as the handicraft clay pieces. There is a limited menu but you must try the restaurant’s signature dish, quinhapira, a fish stew served with crunchy native ants!

Easey’s, Collingwood, Australia

At this strange eatery, customers can enjoy their hamburgers as they sit five stories in the air. The restaurant is inside a retired train car from Melbourne. The stainless-steel train cars once made up Melbourne’s first suburban railway network. The network’s 355 Hitachi train cars operated from 1972 to 2014. This particular train car now sits on the roof of a building in Collingwood where it live use as a restaurant. The old train car has been design with graffiti artwork to give it an urban theme. And customers sit on authentic commuter seats alongside functional restaurant tables.

Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas, Nevada Restaurants 

You’ll be gambling with your heart when you eat at this restaurant. In fact, two customers have actually had heart attacks here while they were eating! The food served at this quirky Las Vegas restaurant is indulgent and very American. Take for example the signature dish – a 3-pound hamburger carrying a whopping 10,000 calories. Just in case you need to be rushed to the hospital mid-meal, customers are given hospital gowns as they enter the door. The gowns serve as your bib to catch all the juices that will be running down your chin. And if you order the signature burger and don’t finish it, the servers will spank you with a paddle. If you are feeling a little weak after stuffing your face, the servers will provide you with medicine-theme drinks, such as the shots that remain served in syringes and the wine serve in IV bags.