Promotional material is any product intended to advertise a brand or a company. This category includes the most heterogeneous elements, such as personalized clothing, office supplies, small merchandising objects or baskets, and gifts.

What distinguishes a promotional material from any other material is its personalization: it always includes the logo or a company’s message to be advertised. The printed object itself (as in the case of merchandising) or on an accessory element ( for example, a thank you card company logo on a gift).

In this post, we want to deal with different types of promotional material that we can use, depending on the occasion or the public to which it is directed.

What Is The Promotional Material Use For?

Promotional Material

To retain the regular customer. Promotional material maintains and strengthens relationships between companies and their customers. It can be given for a special occasion, such as Christmas, or to celebrate a commercial or collaboration agreement between companies, in the case of B2B businesses. In this market, the recipients of promotional material are usually the decision-makers or the employees of the company-client with whom they typically collaborate most closely.

In the B2C market, loyalty gifts can be use in many different ways: as a gift associate with a purchase or product, as a reward for a loyalty program (for example, achieving a certain number of points) or as a gift freely distributed at the end of the sale.

Developing brand identity requires more than creating a logo. While a logo may be the symbol of a company, it is not the entirety of a brand. Creating important brand design tips a logo is a small step toward developing a solid brand identity.

To increase the visual and social recognition of the brand

This objective can be achieve by distributing promotional material with the brand’s image (t-shirts, caps, keyrings, bags, watches) or embodying the brand in uniforms and PPE of the staff. In this way, the brand is continuously expose, becomes more recognizable and remains more in the minds of potential consumers.

To carry out giveaways on social networks. Promotional materials are also a good resource for conducting giveaways on social networks that increase followers and make more users aware of the brand.

To use in the day to day of the company. Personalized objects with the company logo also have their function within the company itself. It is common to personalize office supplies to make welcome packs for new employees or people visiting the company that include stationery (notebooks, pens, folders) or other items that can be use in the facilities, such as reusable water bottles.

To motivate employees. Promotional material can also be use to incentivize employees or as a token of recognition for good performance at work or on a particular project.

The Types Of Promotional Material That Work Best

Promotional gifts. Promotional gifts are very versatile. They can serve to fulfil all of the above objectives and can be direct at customers, potential customers or employees. The options are almost endless (clothes, masks, watches, portable batteries), but we recommend that you think about those objects that can be most useful to those who will receive them.

Experiences. Experience gifts (stay at a spa, dinner, adventure sports.) are another of the options that work best. An incident is more difficult to forget than an object. If you use these gifts to thank a particular client, they will not forget the brand for a long time.

Solidarity gifts. Solidarity gifts are usually use as a thank you to clients or employees (for meeting objectives, for retirement). In addition to their symbolic and practical value, their benefit contributes to a good cause.

If you opt for this type of material to give to your employees or clients. We can offer unique and creative items made by people with intellectual disabilities or designed by them. In addition to meeting your goals, you will also be contributing to the development of the talent of people with intellectual disabilities. The solidarity gifts you choose can be personalize with the brand if you wish so that they can fulfil their promotional purpose.

Birth baskets and Christmas baskets

While birth baskets are usually intend for employees to congratulate them on the birth. Christmas baskets can be design for employees, clients, and collaborators. We recommend that you personalize them from the Foundation so that they do not go unnoticed.

In this case, it is not a gift but work material. The objective is to increase the visual and social recognition of the brand before third parties (customers or visitors).

You have personalized office supplies. Although you can also purchase personalized office supplies. You must adapt them to your brand if you want them to have a promotional impact. Customize office supplies can be use as gifts for collaborators and clients, distribute at fairs and events. Or compose as welcome packs for company employees.

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At the Foundation, we have a catalogue of more than 10,000 promotional products that can help you improve your brand image. And show your gratitude to your customers, collaborators or employees.


Our products have a solidarity certificate that guarantees that 100% of the margin. We obtain with the sale is destine for the social and labour inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. In addition, our workforce comprises 80% of people with disabilities, so by buying promotional material and gifts. You are contributing to their inclusion in the workplace.