Marketing strategy through social networks companies takes excellent risks when launching a marketing campaign since they must consider factors such as preparation, launch, and management, which in turn involve a series of elements that, in principle, are vital to carry out the strategy.

It’s hard to deportment out in a sea of ​​social media promotions, but it’s not impossible. If you want to perspective out from the rest, it must be noticed, but comply with the above and, most importantly, combine techniques.

How To Design Your Promotion Strategy On Social Networks?

Social Networks

When designing a strategy to promote your business or service on social networks, first, let me tell you that this will depend on the type of business you have, the public you are targeting, and the social network to a certain extent.

Social networks are the most effective channel to promote yourself and your business due to the scope and virility of the content

Advertising And Promotion In Social Networks Like ;

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tweeter
  • Youtube, etc

Social Networks

  • Creating an app for Facebook
  • Design, development, and maintenance of a Blog or a minisite
  • Create a Facebook or Tuenti page. Creation and administration of other profiles on Myspace, Beboeventos, etc.
  • Twitter profile creation and promotion (followers, promotional actions, cross-branding, etc.)
  • The communication office generates press releases, news, and
  • Making one or several videos to create a YouTube channel
  • Social media segmentation strategies

As we mentioned above, you need to make sure your content reaches the right audience for your marketing strategies to meet their goals. It is where segmentation strategies come in. A vital tool for your content to reach the people who may be most interested in your services or products.

Primary Target Audience

Thanks to the algorithms and data collected by Facebook, you can target the audiences that have the tremendous potential to buy your products.

Custom Audiences

Target your ads to people you already know or have interacted with using your available information.

Lookalike Audiences

New audiences by combining Custom Audiences with Facebook Targeted Ads.

Good Promotions On Social Networks

When we talk about good promotions on social networks, we refer to those that meet requirements.

Before considering any contest, have your Social Media Plan clear and defined. Why? Because based on the objectives and strategy you set, it will be easier for you to choose and frame the promotions.

Unless you have a 100% committed community (complicated), our advice is to bet on simple mechanics. Thus, encouraging participation will be more accessible, and you will achieve greater virtualization.

If you can’t think of simple mechanics within the Cool Tabs applications, you will find a wide range of mechanics. Take a look, and you will confidently find a perfect one for your brand.

Promotional Campaigns On Social Networks

Social media marketing or social media marketing is one of the most popular online marketing services. Social media promotion is a type of internet marketing that tries to achieve brand communication and marketing goals through participation in various social media networks.

We manage advertising, promotion, and communication campaigns in social media such as blogs, discussion forums, social news aggregators, social bookmarks, and social networks.

Strategies and Goals

We establish the campaigns based on the objectives pursued. They aim to attract users to try or register for their services, sell them products, or launch a close communication link.

Tips Before Launching Your Promotions On Social Networks

  • Before dedicating time to specific aspects of your promotions on social networks, some preliminary steps are necessary.
  • Frame your promotions on specific dates. They can be holidays or simply periods when you sell off stock or a new season.

Define what your goals are. You still prefer to energize the community, increase sales, or expand your database. The options can be many, but you must fix them, and as a result, you choose a mechanic that allows you to achieve it.

The New Age Of Marketing

Every marketer will be familiar with the commercial mix strategy ( marketing mix ) and the four variables that make it up the famous “4 P’s of Marketing”: product, price, point of sale, and promotion. But are these concepts still applicable to a social media marketing strategy? Of course! You have to acclimatize them to the online world.

How To Take Advantage Of Promotions On Social Networks?

For a campaign to be successful, it must be original since it is useless to copy promotions from other brands or prepare one that users have already seen a thousand times.

  • It is also necessary that the promotion has a call to action that arouses the users’ curiosity and that it includes a series of creative details that are primarily visual.
  • And for it to be successful, it is essential to create a connection with your audience, answering their questions and interacting with them.


Social media promotions allow you to reach a larger audience, and the best thing is that they do not necessarily involve a large budget. There are no valid excuses for not including promotions through social networks in your strategy. Although before embarking on this path, it is necessary to have a work plan.