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Simple and Essential HVAC Maintenance Tips for Homeowners


HVAC or Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems require regular maintenance to work properly like any other electrical home appliance. Timely maintenance can save homeowners from hefty repair costs or entire replacements. Generally, most HVAC experts in Greater Victoria suggest two tune-ups in a year. The ideal times will be before turning on the heater during the fall and before turning the cooler on during spring.

Greater Victoria is located at the southern end of Vancouver Island. It is a part of British Columbia, Canada. So, the climate here resembles the sub-Mediterranean climate.

It means the summers are moderate, whereas the winters are mostly very cold, wet and cloudy. December to February are the coldest months here, where daytime temperatures run between 8-9°C. At night, the temperature drops below the freezing point.

During these periods, it is crucial to have a working and optimal heating system. And that can be ensured if the HVAC system is maintained appropriately. Here are some of the simple and essential tips for homeowners.

Remove and Replace the Air Filters – Tip #1

The air filters play a pivotal role in removing dust, hair, fur and other foreign particles from the air. With time, the filters get clogged with these particles and block the airflow. Changing the filters once every thirty days is no big deal for homeowners. Having clean air filters ensures that more air passes through the system to heat the room on cold winter nights effortlessly.

Besides that, clean filters also make sure the machine does not need to put extra pressure to throw warm air into the room. In a way, it saves your electricity bill.

A Thorough Visual Inspection of the HVAC System – Tip #2

One cannot hire HVAC experts every day to inspect the system regularly. Therefore, this is something that homeowners need to do to prevent or uncover potential problems. From checking the thermostat to the inside and outside of the unit, there are different other things such as –

  • Checking the battery stats shown on the thermostat
  • Inspecting if the condensing system is draining as it should
  • Ensuring that the filter access and cabinet doors are closed properly
  • Ensuring the flue system is fully intact and tightly attached
  • Checking all registers carefully to trace mould formation
  • Making sure the outdoor unit is level and not tilted to any side

Keep the Outside Unit free from Debris – Tip #3

The outside HVAC unit rarely stays clean and clear all throughout the year. In most houses, it becomes a storage house for fallen leaves, twigs, grasses, etc. Therefore, homeowners must check it regularly to ensure that the outside unit stays debris-free. Also, ensure trimming plants around the unit to keep the airflow constant.

Reduce Clutter around the Indoor Unit – Tip #4

The area around the indoor unit should be kept clear to ensure air quality and safety. Reducing and removing clutter ensures that air circulation decreases significantly, which improves the heating system’s efficiency. Besides that, having lots of stuff around the unit also increases the risk of fire hazards.

The End Line

HVAC maintenance costs in Greater Victoria are around $85 to $150 per hour. Although there are quite a number of things that homeowners can manage themselves, calling the HVAC experts in Greater Victoria is the last resort for severe issues. Look for a professional service provider company today.

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