Online Tutoring in Maths

Teaching math is a challenging task; but holding online math classes for kids is another ball game. You get a big responsibility when a parent clicks the button that suddenly puts you in charge of their child’s math knowledge. Parents trust you to help their child, and a kid trusts you to help them as well. You must take this responsibility seriously, especially if you want to get good reviews and grow your business as a math tutor.

You need more than basic knowledge of math, you have to be an effective online math tutor for kids. So, before you type in “tutoring for kids near me” to search for parents who need tutors, here are a few tips on delivering effective online tutoring in maths for your kids.

Gather resources

Online Tutoring in Maths, Nothing is worse than an unprepared tutor, and you cannot get ready without resources. There are many online resources, from videos to texts and math worksheets. You must arm yourself with these resources to excel as a tutor. You must study the tools like you are preparing for an exam.

Do not rely on what math knowledge you must have had before now. Every new child is a challenge you must take on, and you must be prepared for that challenge by possessing necessary resources. You also may need different materials for different children because of the peculiarities of each person’s learning styles.

Find out how a kid feels about math

Online Tutoring in Maths

One mistake people make with teaching kids is that they never ask for kids’ opinions on the subjects. Instead, they assume it is a basic-must-learn subject, and kids must fall in line. However, if you can instill a love for a subject in students, you will have cracked the most significant code for teaching math for 3rd graders. So, talk to the kids, try to find out how they feel about math, and if the attitude is negative, see how you can change that by showing how favorable math could be.

Take a student-centric approach

You can use different teaching methods with your kids, but you can either teach them and hope that they get it or make them active participants in the lecture using suitable learning methods.

If you follow a student-centric teaching method, you let a kid lead you and show you where they may be having issues with math problems they encounter. Instead of just teaching the learners, you are putting them in a position where they feel like they are teaching you. The way they explain their understanding of things to do helps you teach them more effectively.

Identify a kid’s struggles

The first thing you must do as an online math tutor for kids is not starting from the beginning of the curriculum. You want to strengthen each student’s weaknesses and strengths, and the only way to do that is to see how well they are doing. The easiest way is to hand your kids a worksheet and watch how they work through the problems on the sheet.

Thus, you can access kids’ knowledge level and see what they are struggling with and where they are winning. This process will help you decide how to tackle next lessons. The idea of tutoring is for the kid to be able to deal with every math problem they encounter without your input. So, when parents type “maths tutors near me,” they are not just looking for a math tutor, they are looking for someone who can solve math issues their kids are having.

Learn the learning style of each kid

Sometimes, teachers come with their usual teaching style and do not try to learn the learning style of the kid involved. For example, some kids are visual learners, while some are auditory learners. You will not get the desired result if you spend time talking to a visual learner instead of using visual representations of the math concepts you are teaching.

Similarly, you cannot use only visual representations for kids who work with auditory learning. You must understand the learning system of each child you work with and remember that tutoring is not a one-size-fits-all situation. The pitfall of the traditional educational system is that it leaves some kids behind because of the uniform approach to learning; you must escape that box if you want to stay effective.

Use fun videos and games

You must incorporate fun activities if you want to engage a kid in everything you do while teaching. For example, when teaching math for 3rd graders, you must understand that kids at this age are easily distracted and thus may render your work useless if you do not find a way to keep them focused. Fun videos are attractive, and they will catch kid’s attention naturally and make it easy for you to pass the message you want students to get.

Using a math game to teach math for 6th graders is one way to ensure that they practice even in your absence. When playing a math game, kids do not think they are solving math problems; all they want to do is hit that high score, cross that difficulty level, or make it to the leaderboard ahead of their peers or even other kids who they don’t know.

It is your job as the tutor to go through all the math games on the internet and decide on the one that will seamlessly fit the lesson you are handling. The more games kids play, the more practice time they have, and when kids find these same math problems on paper in their maths class, their mind reminds them of the technique they used when playing games.


Parents are always looking for tutors; more often than not, they will go for the ones with good reviews, the ones they can trust to make their kids geniuses at math. If you follow the tips listed above, you can deliver effective online tutoring in math for kids and get positive reviews that will keep you in business