Moving Box Guide is usually synonymous with work. We always associate it with changes in our lives, changing houses in our own city, moving to another for work, or moving to another country for studies. In this type of change, a primary type of packaging is the moving boxes, which are essential to advancing our things to our new destination in the best possible way.

However, move-ins are the right time to clean up. It is the right time to get clear of those things that you no longer use, that take up space and that perhaps, in your new home, you will not use.

Therefore, think that the fewer things you carry in the cardboard boxes for removals, the less space they take, the less weight you will take and the less time you will invest in making a move.

With this article, we want to teach you everything you need to know about moving cardboard boxes, what a moving cardboard box should look like, where to get moving cardboard boxes and how to make your boxes.

How Should A Cardboard Box For Removals Be?

Moving Box Guide

Therefore, you must first know what they should be like to start organising the moving boxes. Depending on your needs, they will be of one size, specific resistance, etc. You have to look for optimal packaging that meets your needs, these being the basis of your choice.

The Characteristics That A Good Moving Box Should Have Are:

Medium size, neither too big nor too small, fits all the objects you want, but without being overweight.

That adapts to the fragility of the product to transport.

Simple format for packing and unpacking the boxes

That can be reusable for future occasions.

Types of Moving Boxes

What is Moving Box Guide?

Moving Box Guide infographic

There is a type of box called cardboard moving boxes. These have a packaging model that could use for other purposes such as storage, but the truth is that their primary mission is to protect the objects during the transfer to another home.

Next, we will display to you the types of moving boxes that exist so that you have a broader vision to know how to store your objects when making a move.

1. Wardrobe boxes

  • wardrobe boxes for moving
  • This boxes are moving boxes that cannot be missing when making your move. They are ideal boxes to transport clothes safely, orderly and wrinkle-free way.
  • This type of box has the following characteristics:
  • As a general rule, they measure 52x24x130 cm
  • Transport resistant.
  • Easy to use.

2. Boxes with handles

plain box

The most challenging moment in a movie is when you have to transport the boxes, and they do not have handles, making transport an odyssey.

Therefore, the solution to this problem is to use reinforced boxes with a handle on their sides with a manual grip, facilitating their transfer, especially if they are large moving boxes.

The measurements that these types of boxes usually have are 46x46x52 cm.

3. Double Cartons

double cartons inboxes

When it comes to transporting your most valuable objects, all precaution is little. Therefore, one recommendation is to use double cardboard boxes instead of conventional single cardboard boxes.

Thanks to the double cardboard, the folds will cushion the impacts that the boxes may suffer during the journey.

These boxes can vary according to needs, having a standard size of 42x30x30 cm.

  1. Boxes with Dividers

box with sections for glasses

If what you are observing is further to increase the security in the transport of your objects, you can choose to put dividers inside the boxes. You can find cardboard or foam rubber dividers, among other materials.

What Are The Best Cheap Moving Boxes?

Infographic provided by True Friends Moving Company

The moving boxes are exclusively designed to carry out this activity. They come in changed sizes and shapes, but not just any container will work for us to transport our objects.

Therefore, the best cardboard boxes for moving are those that meet the following requirements:

  • Adapt to your needs in terms of capacity.
  • The ones that adequately resist your objects.
  • The best in terms of superiority/price ratio.
  • They are easy to transport and load
  • Where to buy moving boxes

Nowadays, you can buy moving boxes anywhere. Whether in physical stores or online, with a wide variety of models and prices. Surely the fact that many establishments sell them can overwhelm you and not know which is the best option.

Large Supermarkets

Large food outlets are also where vast quantities of goods arrive packed in cardboard moving boxes. As with small shops, they have many boxes left over. In this case, they are larger and more resistant boxes.

A good idea may be to stop by the loading docks and ask the managers if they have any boxes left. If you have a moment and patience, you will surely take many packages home.

Buildings Under Construction

Another susceptible point to knowing where to pick up cardboard boxes is the work undertaken in the neighbourhoods. The transfer of construction materials is done with large and robust cardboard boxes, so if you are interested in getting them.


Get in touch with the person in charge of the work and ask for a few boxes, they will surely be happy to give them to you. Put announcements in your mailbox or the surroundings, leaving your connected as an email address, so that when they have more boxes than average, they contact you to deliver them.