In today’s economy, many folks find themselves residing in cozy apartments or compact homes, which often require a little extra effort to keep tidy. If you need ways to keep a small space clean, we have you covered. Packed with practical tips, this article will teach you strategies to conquer clutter, optimize storage and maintain cleanliness in your small space. So, roll up your sleeves, grab some cleaning supplies and let’s dive into some tips on how you can keep small spaces spick and span.

1. Freshen Up Your Space with Fragrances

1. Freshen Up Your Space with Fragrances

Few things can compare to the transformative powers of reed diffusers and candles when creating a fresh and inviting ambiance in a small home. With their captivating scents and ability to disperse fragrance throughout a space, these aromatic wonders can instantly enhance the atmosphere inside your home and make it smell clean and inviting.

The multiple wicks in 3-wick candles ensure strong, even fragrance distribution, filling the room with delightful aromas that can mask any lingering odors. On the other hand, reed diffusers slowly release their scent through porous reeds, providing a constant, subtle fragrance that lingers in the air without flames. The best part is that these diffusers and candles come in a wide variety of fresh aromas, allowing you to choose scents that align with your preferences and create a welcoming ambiance.

2. Implement Daily and Weekly Cleaning Routines

Keeping a small space tidy requires frequent cleaning. By implementing daily and weekly routines, you can stay on top of cleaning and avoid larger messes. Your daily cleaning routine should include vacuuming, dusting, wiping down surfaces and other quick tasks you can do in between other activities. A weekly cleaning routine should include washing floors and windows, deep cleaning the bathroom and cleaning out your fridge.

3. Embrace Minimalism

Embrace Minimalism

Minimalism is a lifestyle that encourages you to live with less. This can help you declutter your home, which makes it feel bigger and more open. When you have fewer things to manage, focusing on what matters most to you becomes easier. Tidying up is also easier when you don’t have much to manage.

4. Choose Furniture That Serves More Than One Purpose

Opt for multi-functional furniture with built-in storage options like ottomans and beds with drawers underneath them. When you’re working with limited space, being able to stash blankets or pillows inside an ottoman or store clothing in drawers under your bed saves room and makes it easier to keep everything neat and organized.

5. Get Creative with Storage Solutions

Storage solutions don’t need to be expensive, but you need to think outside the box. Try using baskets, bins and boxes to hold items you use frequently. If your bed doesn’t have built-in drawers, make use of the space underneath. It is a great place for stashing seasonal clothing or other rarely used items that don’t have a place elsewhere in your home. Under-bed storage containers with wheels make storing and accessing items easy and keep them from cluttering up your limited space.

6. Make Use of Door Organizers

Door organizers are great for small spaces and are more versatile than you might think. Use them to store essentials like cleaning supplies, toiletries and kitchen utensils. They’re also great for storing your shoes or bags when they’re not in use. You can even use them to store toiletries and hair styling products. The best part? They’re super easy to install since most simply hang over the tops of doors. However, some models have shelves and brackets that attach with screws for extra security. Choosing one large enough for your intended use is the key to maximizing your door organizer’s usefulness.

7. Create a “Drop Zone”

A “drop zone” is a designated area near your entryway for dropping off things like your keys and wallet when returning home. This will keep your home tidy while eliminating the problem of not knowing where your keys are when you’re running late.

Make sure your drop zone has enough room to hold your wallet, keys, loose change and anything else you may want to drop off at the end of the day. The space should be large enough to suit your needs but not big enough for a pile of excess clutter. Tidy up the area regularly to prevent extra items from accumulating.

8. Adopt a “One In, One Out” Rule

Adopt a “One In, One Out” Rule

Embracing the “one in, one out” rule is a game-changer for maintaining a clean, clutter-free small space. The concept behind this rule is simple yet effective: for every new item you bring into your home, whether it’s a new piece of clothing, a kitchen gadget or a decorative item, you get rid of an existing item.

By implementing this rule, you ensure your space remains balanced and free from unnecessary accumulation. Not only does it prevent clutter from piling up, but it also encourages mindful consumption and thoughtful decision-making. Before making a new purchase, you’ll find yourself considering if the item is truly essential or if it’s worth parting with something you already own.


Maintaining a clean and organized small space can be a manageable task. With the tips above, you can transform your compact living environment into a haven of cleanliness and tranquility. From decluttering and maximizing storage to implementing smart cleaning routines and embracing multi-functional furniture, every step will contribute to a cleaner, more harmonious space.

Remember, the key is consistency. Dedicate a few minutes daily to tidying up, and make intentional choices about what you bring into your home. By staying committed to these practices, you’ll enjoy a clean and clutter-free living space and experience the benefits of a more peaceful and balanced lifestyle.