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Gardening write for us – In gardening, you need to find the right mixture of sunlight, fertile soil, and water to keep your plants growing. It’s also about satisfying your passion, so choose the plants you like. Use the capitals here as a starting point and you’ll take a beautiful garden in no time, no matter your gardening experience.

The Main Types Of Plants:

Annuals: Plants that grow, flower, set seeds, and die in one season.

Perennials: plants that return year after year; Some evergreen, some deciduous

Herbs: woody plants with many main stems; Some evergreen, some deciduous

Evergreens: Plants that are not dormant and keep their leaves through the winter.

Deciduous: Plants that shed their leaves in winter and are dormant.

Zone: There are 11 dissimilar growing zones in the United States and Canada built on the lowest average temperatures each region receives during the winter. By knowing which zone you are gardening in, you can choose plants that will withstand the lowest expected temperatures for your area. Read more: Zoning in difficult conditions.

Exposure: The amount of sun or shade the Plant needs.

Full sun: 6 or extra hours of direct sun light per day

Partial sun/shade: 4 to 6 hr of direct sun per day

Full shade: less than 4 hr of direct sun per day

Mottled Shade: A mixture of sun and shade, usually under an open tree; Same with penumbra

Habit: Refers to the general building or shape of a mature plant.

Climbing: Plants that climb fences, beds, or structures (such as creepers).

Clump Formation: Plants that form leaf clumps often spread, forming more clumps.

Mound: Plants are round in shape, usually wider than tall.

Propagation: Plants that grow low and spread along the ground, rooting along the stem.

Climbing: Plants that grow along the ground or grow out of containers but do not root on the stem.

Upright: Plants that are taller than wide tend to have straight sides.

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