A small kitchen is not difficult to decorate! With creativity, planning and good decoration tips, it is possible to design environments full of comfort, functionality and style. And better: everything in your own way!

Before you start obtaining your hands dirty with the tips below, it’s important to pay attention to the environment you live in. How can you take advantage of every available space? What not to do to occupy a very large space: knowing all these details about the area where you remain going to apply the decor is essential to avoiding unwanted mistakes. 

If you have many kitchen appliances such as Microwave, Oven Toaster, Pressure cooker, or anything that follows the science of cooking, you need to carefully optimize your kitchen.

Choosing optimized furniture or kitchen appliances, having shelves or niches and keeping everything always well organized are few tips for those who have a compact kitchen. Here are few practices which you can do at home to make the space even more special. Let’s check it out.

Appropriate Choice of Furniture

If there exist one thing that is important for any type of small environment, it is knowing how to choose the right furniture. For the kitchen, this becomes a priority, as the space must to be functional and practical to facilitate everyday tasks.

So, look for options that suit the space and that also facilitate your needs while preparing recipes or washing dishes, for example. Multifunctional furniture can be a good option to enjoy the space in style.

Niches and Shelves

Walls can help a lot if you have a small kitchen. Look at them carefully and try to think of methods to use them to your advantage.

Making a decoration with niches and shelves is a good way to make the walls of a small kitchen even more functional. By applying them correctly, you can save space and even replace large cabinets.

The most relaxed thing is that you can use the niches in the way that suits you the most. One tip is to use them to contemplate your favorite belongings and decoration items, such as your favourite coffee mugs collection, sets of crockery, pans and even seasonings.

It is worth remembering that there live different types of niches and shelves that can be incorporated into the decor, such as options in MDF, triangular, industrial and wired.

 Colors and coatings

It’s not news that the color palette is important in any decoration project, even more so when it comes to small environments. In a small kitchen, colors help to make the environment harmonious, so that you have the impression that it is bigger. In this case, give preference to neutral tones that provide a wider area, such as white.

 There are those who paint the floor and walls in the same color to give it even more space. This is because the trick gives continuity to the vision, without interruptions, giving the impression that the kitchen is bigger. Very strategic, right?


This tip is classic when it comes to decorating small spaces. In addition to giving the visual effect that the environment is bigger, the mirror has the power to bring even more lighting to the room. Not to mention the charm and elegance of having a space all mirrored.

 It is vital to emphasize that there are several mirror formats for different functions. For example: the vertical ones expand the height, while the horizontal ones the width.

 Try not to overuse! If you prefer, it is worth applying them in another space that is not so intended for domestic tasks, such as the dining table or countertop.

 Hanging cabinets

Remember how we said you should choose the right furniture? So, hanging cabinets are good options for small kitchens, as they can save space and ensure more functionality to the room. Do the installation with a specialized professional and be careful not to leave them too high, okay?

 Organization today and always!

Keep the kitchen always organized. And that’s not just for those who have a small kitchen. It is ideal for all spaces, especially those where different types of tasks are performed, whether domestic or not. In order for the kitchen to always be in order, it is important to place tidying up as part of the daily routine of the home, where everyone needs to participate and collaborate. Let everyone in the house know so that there is consensus.