Best at Home Laser Hair Removal – Laser Hair Removal Work and More

Best at Home Laser Hair Removal

The best at home laser hair removal: In any case, it is not optional. The features of this equipment mean that their use is exclusive to specialized centres and by trained personnel.

What is laser hair removal?

  • The teamwork is an abbreviation for Light Amplified by Stimulated Release of Radiation.
  • Later, laser hair removal is a type of photo epilation through which treated hair is permanently removed

How does laser hair removal work?

The laser hair removal is based on applying a light that reacts with the melanin of the body hair so that it is transformed into heat. What is melanin?

  • Fine, it is nothing more than the substance responsible for hair color.
  • Here the higher the melanin concentration, the darker its pigmentation will be and the better it will react to treatment.
  • After this light has been applied and responded, it travels through the hair until it reaches the root dies due to the heat.
  • Like this, it will not produce more hair, having been permanently removed.

Why are numerous sessions necessary?

Assuredly you have wondered if the operation of laser hair removal is that simple.

Wherefore is not all the hair removed the first time? The response to this question is related to the phases of hair growth.

Also, yes, all body hair, like hair, is in constant renewal, going through different stages in cycles.

The hair growth phases

1. Catagen:

  • Here it is a transition phase, where the hair remains sticking out, but it is separated from the root, and its growth stops. It lasts between 2 and 3 weeks.
  • Once the treatment is applied, the laser light will react with the hair in this phase.
  • Though, since it is separated from the womb, the heat will not go all the way, and the follicle will not be destroyed.

2. Telogen:

  • Through this phase, hair loss occurs. In addition, it entails a rest period that lasts for approximately 3 months.
  • Here as there is no hair, laser hair removal will not be effective on the roots at the treatment time.
  • With all of the above, it can quickly be concluded that the only phase in which the treatment is effective is in the anagen phase.
  • Thus, it will be necessary to carry out the essential sessions until all the hair to be treated is in this phase at the time of it.
  • The quantity of sessions will also depend on each person’s reaction.
  • Here is the correct choice of the type of laser and the experience and skill of the professional who applies it.

3. Anagen:

  • Here it is the active phase of the hair, in which it is attached to the root and in constant growth. It lasts approximately 2 and 8 years, being the longest of the entire cycle.
  • However, during the laser hair removal session, the follicles in this phase will be destroyed by heat.
  • Throughout this period, the hair is visible from the outside and is attached to the matrix. So, light can travel through it and reach the bottom producing the desired effect.

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