Attendance Management System- There has been an influx of different kinds of technologies in the market allowing Industries to be able to reinvigorate themselves easily. Most of these technologies are flexible and can be used across different industries depending upon what they require and how they intend to use it.

One of the most popular technologies that has gained sufficient demand in the market is the attendance management software. The major purpose of this software is to help the organization track the employee time and attendance information. through the accurate management of time tracking and attendance it will save organizations the effort of calculating the total number of hours that an employee is working.

The following software also has found great use for educational institutions as it supports them in keeping track of the students in the class. In most cases it has been found that teachers find it very difficult to track the attendance of the students across different classes. Through the help of the attendance management system, this issue can be effectively reduced.

Through the use of this technology it will be easier for school administration to not only keep track of the students but also the teachers and other staff members. It is important to highlight that the school administration has to manage several aspects within the promises aside from helping the students achieve their education.

In order to ensure that the school can run smoothly, and have complete tracking of the total working hours of the staff members, the following software can be used. There are several features which are associated with the use of this technology along with better help to the administration.

The major features that can be highlighted for the staff of school Institutions is that of managing staff attendance, recording total number of working hours, and other such functions. Through the help of this data the administration can effectively decide on the salary for the staff members and also for many other contractual obligations it may have.

Considering the case for the students, through the help of the attendance management system it will be possible to manage the time table of the students besides keeping track of the retirement. It will also provide support to the teachers and ensure that the students attend the lectures and are adequately prepared for the examination.

One of the major benefits that is associated with the use of this technology is that it can be efficiently integrated with the ERP software and the LMS Technologies. This will provide better support to the school administration and manage their daily activities.

Features that better support the use of Attendance Management Software

Facial Recognition

The facial recognition option that has now been integrated in the attendance management software helps in automatically analyzing the facial expressions of the individual. It takes into account the eyes, cheeks, years and other official parts of an individual and captures it to match as well as map with the existing database.

Through the help of the biometric facial recognition system and other biometric devices it becomes possible to model the face in real-time and no manual initialisation is required. In this way the administration can effectively remove errors from the system and ensure that the correct attendance is being recorded.

Making use of Proximity Cards and Smart Cards: Attendance Management System

Another effective option that the following technology provides is the use of a card based control system. In this case a card will be issued to all the staff members within the educational organization. The same can also be done to the students. Each of these cards will have a unique alphanumeric code present. all the individuals will be required to punch the card on the biometric machine and have the attendance record.

Since, each card will have a Unique Identification code it will allow the institution to efficiently record all the attendance without any extra hindrance.

Having Biometric Access for the Staff

Another important method that can be utilized is the biometric fingerprint system. This will require the school institution to have the worker’s singers registered within the biometric attendance system. In this way only when the worker enters their biometrics will they be able to record their attendance and gain access to the office premises. This allows the administration to keep the correct track of their employees.