Install an air purifier in your bedroom Putting an air purifier in a bedroom will provide you with healthy air and more peaceful nights. It is not only during the daily work that we need to breathe well. However, we spend most of our time at work or away from home, the air in our house that we breathe full time every night.

The Air Purifier For A Bedroom, How To Decide?

Purifying the air in their homes has become one of the main concerns of the Spanish in recent years. Pollution, viruses, and allergens are present inside our homes, apartments, and offices.

We then choose between installing a broad-spectrum air purifier with high filtration capacity. Determining the rooms in the house that need an air purifier and mobilizing it between them. This second option, which is often wrongly chosen by consumers, is neither practical nor economical. Moving your air purifier from the bedroom to the kitchen, from the kitchen to the living room, and then from the living room to the bedroom is not a solution.

  • Air purifiers have become a great ally of many homes and businesses to combat the Covid19 virus and achieve optimal air quality inside the rooms.
  • They effectively eliminate the fight against coronavirus and all types of contamination inside a house, office, or business.

Where Should We Place An Air Purifier To Work Correctly?

The most important thing to ensure that air purifiers perform their functions correctly is to place them. In the right place so that they can extract and “clean” all the air in the room and prevent spaces from being left without this renewal.

The ideal place to place them is as close as possible to the primary source of contamination. With the doors and windows closed to prevent the entry of contaminating particles. At the same time, we are purified in the air.

In addition, it is imperative to maintain it and avoid placing it near a source of moisture due to the HEPA. ULPA filters that purifiers carry inside and the active carbon that these types of devices have.

Concerning height, the ideal is to place it at least 1 meter from the ground to access all the air in the passenger compartment in a homogeneous way.

Finally, it is imperative to keep it away from obstacles that can negatively affect our purifier’s air inlets and outlets.

When buying an air purifier, we ask ourselves: how long should we leave it on to obtain the expected results? This doubt is fueled by false information internet or by beliefs and misuse of acquaintances. Who do not know how to use this valuable product. That is wherefore now we tell you the lot you need to know about the proper use and benefits of the air purifier.

How Do Air Purifiers Work?

Air Purifier

These are instrumental pieces of equipment that make a big difference in terms of the results they produce. However, have you ever speculated how they effort? We explain it to you:

As you already know, Air purifiers remove all elements that may be present in the air. Dust, mites, smoke, and pollen, among others, are undoubtedly contamination factors. And are retain by air purifiers that, using a filter, expel clean air for everyone’s enjoyment.

The Quality Of The Filters Is Important

Knowing the quality of the filters your air purifier uses is essential to maintaining the effectiveness of your equipment. To check the quality of the filters, you must check that they have the HEPA certification. Filters with this identification are thoroughly test and meet specific parameters that others do not.

  • Either because they are not good quality or because they were not tested in independent laboratories.
  • HEPA-certified filters capture particles that are 0.3 microns or larger with 99.97% effectiveness. In the same way, we can realize that filters that do not have this certificate are much more affordable than those that do.

How To Use The Air Purifier To Save Electricity?

Energy saving is an important issue nowadays. You should know what the best practices are if you do not want to spend more energy. To use your air purifier responsibly from an energy point of view. You can only turn it on when you are inside your house, during daylight hours. In the same way, you can use it before bed, this will benefit your sleep, but you should try to turn it off during the day.

You can also increase the frequency and depth of your cleanings so you don’t have to use the cleaner for long afterwards. Finally, if you are not using the purifier to combat allergies, you can ventilate your house more. Opening the windows longer so that dust and other substances can escape.


Air purifiers give you the advantage of having equipment to make your home or office a better place to be and share. Just take your time to investigate and learn about the operation