AC Repair in Pearland

If you want to keep your HVAC system thriving, you should understand more about how it functions. This will help you keep it efficiently cooling your home and avoid more costly repairs.

As a homeowner, you should know that all air conditioners are designed to remove heat from the interior of your home. In central air conditioning systems, a fan will pull the air through the ducts to the evaporator coil. This draws the heat and moisture from the air, and then the cool air blows back through your rooms. The heat is then transferred to the refrigerant flowing to your outdoor unit. The compressor and condenser in this exterior part of the system release the heat outside.

Your HVAC system has many working parts that perform all these tasks in perfect synchronization to cool your home to the temperature you’ve set on your thermostat. If you want to keep it running efficiently, here’s how you can maintain it.

How to Maintain Your AC System

Maintaining your unit will serve to keep your home cool and comfortable on the hottest days. It will also help this major appliance function in an efficient way to keep your energy bill from sending you into a state of shock.

If you don’t properly look after your air conditioner, you may wind up having to call for emergency repairs. It is far better to stay ahead of trouble and keep it maintained. This requires doing a few things yourself as well as contacting a reliable HVAC company to help fine-tune your machinery.

AC Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

The first step in maintaining your AC to prevent repairs is changing the air filters. Generally, this should be done every 30 to 60 days. It will depend on certain factors inside your home, such as if you smoke, have pets, or have anyone with allergies living under your roof.

Even air filters that are designed to last for 90 days may need to be replaced sooner. A good rule of thumb is to check the filter every 30 days and if it has a layer of dust or dirt on it, replace it. Be sure that you choose the right type of filter and size for your unit. You can find the MERV rating on the air filter package and will want to choose MERV 8 to 13.

However, the higher the MERV, the more it may restrict your airflow. It’s ideal to ask an HVAC professional which MERV rating will benefit your system and your home.

Aside from regularly changing your air filter, you should check to make sure your vents aren’t closed or blocked. If they are, open them up as a closed vent means the system is being forced to work harder to create the same output.

Additionally, head outside and check on the outdoor component of your unit. This area should be cleared of debris at least 2 feet around the perimeter. Check for grass clippings, mulch, leaves, and twigs that could be impeding its proper function.

AC Maintenance Tasks You Should Have Performed by a Professional

There are other air conditioner maintenance tasks that you should only allow a professional HVAC technician to perform on your system. They will inspect and lubricate all working parts, make sure all hoses and belts are in good condition, measure the pressure in the system, check for leaks, clean the coils, and perform other essential tasks.
You should schedule maintenance on your AC at least once per year. However, as your unit ages, you may find you need repairs despite having it maintained. Pearland’s top AC repair service providers can help you get it back up and running.