When it comes to our cleaning routine, we may have certain tasks down like no other. You may be a pro when doing the dishes or a certified folding expert with the perfect way to fold your laundry. That’s why we’ve come up with a handy list of smart ways to reach those difficult places. From clever tools like a multi-use pet brush that removes fur from your pet and your clothing to innovative techniques that will save time, energy and stress, you’ll love these 10 smart cleaning hacks for all those hard-to-reach spaces.

1.  Flexible Vacuum Attachments

Using flexible vacuum attachments will help you get into crevices that are normally difficult to clean. Those narrow gaps and hard-to-reach vents are no match for that extra attachment that came with your vacuum. According to Bob Vila, there were probably a bunch of extra attachments that came with your vacuum cleaner that you don’t even know how to use. If you feel that way, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Some basic attachments you should know how to use include a wand extended to help you reach farther, textile tools for upholstery and a brush attachment for dust, just to name a few.

2.  Vacuum Crevice Tool —

The vacuum crevice tool can be used to suck up dust and debris from tight spaces. Use this tool to clean the space between sofa cushions or along baseboards, the wooden or vinyl covering along the bottom of the wall. You’d be surprised by how dusty baseboards can get over time.

3.  Bendable Pipe Cleaners

Bendable pipe cleaners can be used to scrub inside tight vents or inside narrow pipes. Use it to reach behind appliances or bathroom fixtures. After all, when’s the last time you tried reaching behind your fridge or under your oven? You can make it happen with a bendable pipe cleaner.

4.  Multi-Purpose Pet Hair Removers

For an easy pet hair remover you can take anywhere, use a portable pet hair remover. This handy tool can be stashed away in your pocket or your car during your commute. You’ll be able to get rid of pet hair when you’re stuck in traffic or have a few spare minutes to get your dog’s fur off the couch or carpet. The multi-use pet hair remover can easily remove lint or dust from upholstery and curtains, too.

5. Microfiber Wand Dusters

Get a long, flexible wand and attach microfiber cloth to it to make a microfiber wand duster. This can be used to easily dust high shelves and ceiling fans. No need to grab the step stool to clean that light fixture you can’t reach. Your wand duster will help you reach that ceiling fan you’ve been meaning to clean for a while.

Microfiber Wand Dusters

6.  Magnetic Dusting Tool

If you love the microfiber wand duster idea, you’ll love the magnetic dusting tool. Attach a microfiber cloth to a magnetic dusting tool. This will allow you to clean dust behind radiators and other metallic surfaces. It’s also a helpful tool for getting underneath appliances.

7.  Extended Swivel Mops

Don’t just get any mop. Get one with a swivel head and an extendable handle. It’ll level up your mop game in no time. Use that extended swivel mop to clean underneath furniture or behind toilets. All those hard-to-reach spots will suddenly be reachable when you’ve got a mop that can twist, turn and extend.

8. Repurposed Old Toothbrush

Instead of throwing away your old toothbrush, save it and repurpose it to use as a cleaner. All that grime and soap scum that gets in your bathroom can be scrubbed away with your old toothbrush. It’s also a helpful tool to use when you’re getting rid of dirt in tight corners or around faucets or window tracks.

8. Repurposed Old Toothbrush

9. Blower Attachment

Get the blower attachment for your vacuum to get rid of dust and cobwebs. You’ll have fun as you’re blowing away all those dust mites from air vents and high corners. While your vacuum may not be able to get behind heavy furniture, your blower attachment can.

10. Extended Window Squeegee

Simply attach an extension pole to a window squeegee to get to those high windows at home. If you have a two-story home or windows in a room with a high ceiling, you’ll be able to better clean those hard-to-reach windows with an extended window squeegee. As a fun alternative, did you know a window squeegee can also be used to remove pet hair from clothing or furniture? If you’re looking for a special tool that works better than your window squeegee, opt for a professional pet hair removal tool.

You’ve made it to the end of our list, and you’re officially a smart cleaning professional. Remember that the key to any good cleaning hack is to use a technique or tool that will save you time and energy. For a tool that does it all, try something like dryer sheets for pet hair that can be used to not only refresh clothing in the dryer but also act as an air freshener to store in your luggage and to remove pet hair from your clothing.